Connecting communities to improve our local environment

In an area where one in three of our children live below the poverty line, and one in ten of all residents have had to access a foodbank in the last year, we work with people in our local communities to develop ways to help save money, whilst still eating healthily and cheaply.

Realising everything is linked together, from environmental projects and community gardens producing local, organic fruit and vegetables, to community chefs who teach us new recipes using this fresh produce, and foodbanks who can add this fresh produce to their supplies, when Regenerus introduced our first growing project in 2015, we also created a network for local partners to connect.

The Taking Root Network members have been meeting regularly, building relationships between local social innovators, sharing experiences and generating new ideas in the thinking space facilitated by Regenerus.

Social capital accumulates and connections extend as partners create different opportunities for people in our local communities to participate in projects which collectively work towards the common goal of improved health and wellbeing.

Partners deliver a range of activities, from learning about bee keeping to developing a better understanding of growing and managing plots and learning new cookery techniques, with many activities also offering the potential to gain accreditation of your new skills.

As the members of the Taking Root Network continue to expand their activities, we are seeing great things happening across south Sefton.  More and more of us are getting together and working together to achieve real results, such as new and vibrant community gardens, more local people getting involved in improving our local spaces and more people connecting across our communities and making new friends.

If you are interested in joining our collaborative ecosystem, email to find out more.

You can read more about our Taking Root activities here.