Taking Root Friday Tidy – May 2023

On Friday mornings the Taking Root Friday Tidy brings together volunteers from the different community gardens to add more green spaces so that people can walk past greenery and enjoy the greener streets in Bootle.

We know the town doesn’t have great air quality, so we want to include plants that absorb pollution and after lots of research we plumped for western red cedar conifers, which have proved to be great at carbon capture. These will become mini hedges and they won’t grow too tall because of the size of the planters.

In 2022 we planted a row of planters on Washington Parade at the back of the strand and in 2023 replicated this at the front. However, since planting these in February, some have been damaged and some have been taken, but some have become well established and are doing well.

So in May there was a call for a bit of TLC, removing the damaged trees and replacing them.

If you’d like to join us on Friday mornings helping to green up the streets in Bootle, email: takingrootinbootle@gmail.com