Creating a greener Washington Parade

October 2022

As part of the Linacre Ward elected members’ commitment to green up Bootle’s Washington Parade Taking Root in Bootle took on the installation of 16 new planters on this busy road behind the town’s Strand shopping centre.


The new planters – which complement the existing living wall nearby – are part of plans to create a green corridor from Bootle Canalside to North Park, enhancing the look of the area as well as improving air quality.

Our community gardeners were helped by children from local school All Saints Catholic Primary who were delighted to come along and get involved with the planting, as they know how important the role of nature is in enhancing air quality.

The pupils have even made signs for the planters to get this important message across to passers-by.

The hedging plants are West Red Cedar which have been chosen following careful research into which types are best for absorbing carbon. And they were planted in a special mixed medium which includes Carbon Gold Enriched Biochar, an organic product which allows trees to build up their own natural resilience and helps with water retention and drainage.

In addition, every kilogram used sequesters around three kilograms of carbon. As we used 450kg, this means approximately 1350kg of carbon will be absorbed each year, making an important contribution to improving air quality.