A bit of snow doesn’t stop the Taking Root team

March 2023

We picked a day for it didn’t we! Snow in March!

But it didn’t stop our Taking Root in Bootle team getting busy with planting more Western Red Cedar in the planters along Stanley Road in front of the Strand shopping centre, as part of the Linacre Ward elected members’ commitment to greening up Bootle’s busy roads.
Research into which types of hedging are best for absorbing carbon found that Western Red Cedar deserves the gold star award, so that’s what we chose.

And they were planted in a special mixed medium – thanks to Carbon Gold for providing the biochar. This amazing substance helps keep water in the soil and sucks carbon from the atmosphere (every kilogram used sequesters around three kilograms of carbon). We added another 250kg to the 450kg we used in Washington Parade, meaning over 2000kg of carbon will be absorbed each year, making an important contribution to improving air quality. A total win!
Greening up Bootle together.


Taking root team

Taking root Team