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Celebrating the success of Tomorrow’s Land

Regenerus were pleased to host our International conference to celebrate the success of Tomorrow’s Land at Hinterlands in Liverpool on 22nd November 2018.

With the strapline ‘small actions can make a big difference’ the conference theme emphasised that we all have a part to play in making the world a better place, and that however small and local activities may be, they all contribute to positive social change.

Designing a space for creative thinking and connectivity, we recognised the value of the knowledge of everyone who joined us, and wanted to ensure there was plenty of time for delegates to share their experiences and ideas with each other.

Participants learnt more about social innovation, collaborative economies and community action, with the opportunity to hear about lots of real success stories, from Fairtrade to digital participatory democracy.  Each conversation was sparked by two great examples of social innovation, with plenty of time for everyone to join in the conversation. Find out more about our contributors on the Tomorrow’s Land web site.

Showcasing the project achievements, throughout the day delegates also experienced the Tomorrow’s Land journey by joining our creative design thinking workshop or logging on to our MOOC.

Conversations were interrupted with snippets of inspiration from our keynote speakers:

Connecting the local to the global Dr Daniel Christian Wahl, an international consultant and educator, specialises in whole systems design and transformative innovation, and is the author of Designing Regenerative Cultures. He explained why he thinks that one of the most important skills for social innovators shaping our future today is to think in terms of dynamic whole systems design and ecosystems of collaboration.

Charles Leadbeater, a globally renowned, inspiring and influential author, and an award-winning journalist and social innovator in his own right, argued that education should prepare young people to be creative and collaborative problem solvers, shared his insights into building successful movements for positive change.

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