Sustainable meadows

December 2021

With the support of Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund, our HeadNorth project introduced five new wildflower meadows in Bootle in 2021, with the addition of meadow number six alongside Asda thanks to support from Linacre Ward members at Sefton Council.

However, this isn’t just a one off!

Wildflower meadows are sustainable, with lower maintenance than grass and less mowing required meaning a reduced carbon footprint.

More effort is need in the early years, so after our community harvesting, we dried the seeds ready to top up the meadows in 2022.

Wildflowers are increasingly appreciated as a key contributor to mental health and wellbeing. Urban areas need access to better environments to improve physical and mental health outcomes. Building natural capital by transforming under-used spaces into beautiful habitats, we are increasing our greener, healthier places – increasing local biodiversity where it is needed most.

97 per cent of UK wildflower meadows have been lost since 1947 – our urban meadows are helping to reverse this.