Keeping busy during lockdown

May/June 2020

With things quiet in our community gardens, some of our community gardeners kept busy exploring their local neighbourhoods as they took part in A Green Treasure Hunt in Bootle.

Our Human Libraries created a green adventure during May and June with their project ‘Bootle Mappers’, a live treasure hunt exploring nature, wildlife, people and stories in Derby and Linacre.

Sending out weekly challenges, the team invited mappers to scope out their favourite green space, looking for a good foraging place or even finding the most huggable tree, and contribute their photos, stories and videos to help build our local green map.

Everybody could get involved, even those who couldn’t get out at the time, as they were encouraged to still take part by walking the neighbourhood in their mind, or checking through the pictures they already had.

The aim is that together we will create a map of our local nature assets – places, stories and people.

Check out some of the great photos, watch the videos, read the stories and even pick up some recipes on the Facebook page here.

We’ll let you know when this is all brought together to create our map.