Brightening up Stanley Road in Bootle

June 2018

Making a start on greening up the corridor between North Park and South Park, volunteers joined forces to plant in the planters on Stanley Road adjacent to the car boot car park.

Sharing resources once again, the planters were filled with plants propagated by St Leonard’s volunteers. Another great example of working in partnership, volunteers from different Taking Root gardens got to know each, and this has led to Gateway Collective volunteers now visiting South Park to help out in their gardening sessions, and we also have lots of support from the ‘car park guys’ as they see the value of what we are doing.

The group will meet up every few months to continue greening up this strategic location as we brighten up Stanley Road, And our work hasn’t gone unnoticed by passers-by – here are just a couple of the things they said:

“We love the painted bees. My daughter counts them every time we walk past.”

“Keep up the good work.”