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Company secures another European contract

Staff will be working alongside partners from Portugal, Latvia and Germany.

A Sefton organisation that provides a range of support services to new and existing businesses had landed its third major European training contract.

Bootle-based Regenerus is one of the partners in the Tomorrow’s Land project which has secured 321,000 Euros  from the European Commission’s Erasmus + programme to help develop the next generation of social innovators in six countries.

Business specialists from Regenerus will be working alongside partners from Portugal, Latvia, Germany, Denmark and Italy to create resources to support educators who are training new social innovators – people working to develop practical new solutions to social problems .

The aim is to create a more collaborative economy in these countries by fostering the creation of the next generation of innovators capable of influencing and developing a more inclusive society.

Key elements of the 26-month Tomorrow’s Land project will include the production of a strategic research paper, the creation of a learning framework and online learning resources and staging a major international social innovation conference in Liverpool.

The announcement of the new initiative comes as Regenerus nears the end of its second European contract the two-year Connect project also funded via the EC’s Erasmus + scheme.

This involves out of work young people in the UK, Germany, Spain, Poland and Cyprus improving their life and employment chances by making transnational links with their peers.

The project enables the young people to boost their personal, social and employability  skills via international links using an innovative virtual mobility app.

Meanwhile, prior to Connect, Regenerus received funding from the EC’s Leonardo da Vinci programme to adapt its successful Ignite social enterprise training programme for use in Germany, Sweden, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Regenerus chief executive, Cate Murphy, commented: “We’re obviously delighted to be involved in another project that has received European-wide recognition in this way.

“Building on the success of our previous contracts, Tomorrow’s Land will support educators in developing social innovators who will use their abilities for the benefit of their local communities.

“Ultimately it will be all about helping thinkers and practitioners to create a better, more inclusive and more innovative economy and society in these countries.” added Ms Murphy.