Unravel Tomorrow

The Tomorrow’s Land journey continues…..

For two years project partners have explored how social innovation and collaborative economies will shape the future of Europe.

However, partners are now excited to announce that we have been successful in being awarded support for a second project from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, to continue to work together and build on Tomorrow’s Land to develop our learning journey and support future pioneers as they Unravel Tomorrow.

Now we want to learn from the innovators, entrepreneurs and activists shaping Tomorrow – our collective future society and economy. Unravel Tomorrow builds on the foundations of Tomorrow’s Land, focusing on the mindset of social innovators to boost social activism and social entrepreneurship across Europe.

Through physical and virtual materials, workshops and meet ups we will connect aspiring change makers with the skills, resources and perspectives that will empower them to Unravel Tomorrow and shape a better future.

Again, Regenerus are the lead partners and we will be working together with partners Advancis in Portugal, Bespoke in Denmark, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Münster University of Applied Science in Germany and Socialias Inovacijas Centrs in Latvia.

Our first steps in this new project are to undertake extensive research which will lead to two publications: our ‘Faces of Tomorrow’ catalogue and an as-yet-unnamed trend report, showcasing enablers and scenarios for a better Tomorrow.

Currently partners are busy interviewing 32 pioneers of Tomorrow, curious to find out more about the experiences, challenges, dreams and plans for the future of people who are already actively exploring and creating new ways of working.

Watch this space for our ‘Faces of Tomorrow’ catalogue, coming soon.

Follow us on our journey to empower a new generation of pioneers to unravel the present and create a better tomorrow.

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