Tomorrow’s Land

Regenerus is the lead partner in the Tomorrow’s Land project, working alongside partners from Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Latvia and Germany, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Together we aim to encourage a more collaborative economy by fostering the creation of the next generation of innovators who will influence and develop a more inclusive society.

Throughout the project, partners will create resources to support educators who are training new social innovators; people working to develop practical new solutions to social challenges. Ultimately it is about helping thinkers and practitioners to create a better, more inclusive and more innovative economy and society.

Key elements of the Tomorrow’s Land project include the production of a strategic research paper, the creation of a learning framework and online learning resources and a major international social innovation conference in Liverpool.

Adopting a creative research method, following scoping, scanning and defining, partners will refine and frame insights about the future to shape the project and inform the content of the learning framework.

Developing resources will be tested in Liverpool with an international group of educators to gather feedback, and then following implementation of improvements, we will test again with in Portugal with a an international group of social innovators.

The goal of Tomorrow´s Land is to develop the next generation of social innovators capable of influencing and contributing to the development of a better, more inclusive and innovative society.



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